Friday, May 05, 2006

Climate change in Canada and Mexico

This topic seems to occupying a substantial amount of space and time in the mainstream media and environmentally-related academic discussions in Canada. Everything seems to be associated with climatic change and the need for adaptation. I wonder to how smart this is and to what extent all these discussions and money spent on climate change-related research will be well spent.

On a related note, this year's 'Fondos Sectoriales de Investigacion' SEMARNAT-CONACYT (Mexico) seem to be strongly focussed on climate change and vulnerability/adaptation. So much that many proposals seem to have thrown the keywords "climate change" and "vulnerability" and "adaptation" in an effort to get funded. Is this how environmentally-focused research is supposed to be carried out?

It seems to me as though Mexico is following the climate change fad. This is not to say that climate change isn't a priority or that it is not occurring. I just worry that this is just one of many environmental priorities and that it should not be THE main one.

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