Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Mexican elections

Normally I wouldn't even go there, but I've been bombarded with propaganda from the two main contenders. The interesting part of this phenomenon is the incredible bias that one can read from pseudo-political analyists. I read a profile of one of the candidates (I will not say names to make my own life easier) who was basically touted "a perfect candidate" whereas the other was profiled as a complete whack-job. This profile was written by an Anglo-saxon writer, not based in Mexico. Thus, the chances of him actually knowing how things are in Mexico are nil. However, he invested himself with enough authority to have an opinion (a biased one, I might add). So, the problem is, there is no balanced, objective analysis of the 2006 Mexican elections. What will happen is anybody's guess. I for one am happy I am not there.

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