Friday, October 13, 2006

Restaurant review: Crave on Main

As a result of the post-birthday season outings, I have been to several restaurants within the past few weeks. That, and the fact that I'm super busy has delayed my reviews. So, I'm slowly trying to catch up. I am sure that as I type more reviews I'll discover that I missed a few of the places I've tried lately.

On to the topic of this review: Crave on Main, whose website looks as sophisticated as the place itself. For anyone who lives near the Main St. area (what many people call SoMa or South Main) - still part of Mount Pleasant, the choice of restaurants is overwhelming. But in the stretch from 20th Avenue to King Edward, Crave does stand out. It has a cute patio and another patio inside the actual restaurant.

Mom and I walked by Crave just about every day while she visited Vancouver this summer, and we never got around to eating there. However, one of my best friends and I went for brunch there a few weeks ago. I had a smoothie and she had scrambled eggs with bacon and toast. Arguably, the smoothie was one of the best I've had, while my friend said these were top-notch scrambled eggs. The service was a bit slow, as the place is quite popular. We haven't been there for dinner, but the brunch menu rocks, and the prices are quite reasonable, particularly for student budgets!

I will definitely come back to Crave on Main repeatedly, not only because it is near where I live but also because it is a fun and tasty place.

ADDENDUM - October 14th, 2006.

I went to Crave on Main again this weekend, this time with another good friend of mine. I was (quite obviously) a bit worried about whether we would be taken care of quickly. Well, I can't say anything but pure praise to the staff of Crave. The service was TOP NOTCH. As in, unbelievable. There were times when three waitresses would be coming by to make sure that we were doing ok with water, coffee, etc. Our dishes took (I'm not kidding) seven minutes to make, and the food was superb. Recommended brunch item: Eggs your way with mediterranean turkey sausage with white toast. The server who was in charge of our table even came to the door to say goodbye with a smile :) -- ok, now THAT is what I call impressive!

UPDATE - September 30, 2007. I decided to try to link to UrbanSpoon and thus here is their code. Here's hoping they'll link to my other restaurant reviews!

Crave in Vancouver

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