Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Restaurant review: The Red Sea Cafe

Ok, this restaurant review was long overdue and thought I'd write it before I forget completely. I have been to the Red Sea Cafe (670 Broadway, near Fraser) three times in the last month and I am going again this week. The last time I bumped into really good friends and took one of my closest friends for dinner for his birthday. The time before I just had a craving and had to run get some Erithrean/Ethiopian food. The first time I went with a good friend of mine.

The basis for Erithrean/Ethiopian food is a crepe-like bread called injera. A bit sour but incredibly tasty, it is used as a plate for the wot (curry or 'mole'-like pastes with meat or veggies, amazingly well cooked and spiced). You then can use injera to grab morsels of food. I have been to the RSC three times already and every time I finish the meal so full I can barely walk.

The service is amazing and I always have a wonderful time. The owners I think are Erithrean. Despite the neighbourhood (it's in a not-so-beautiful part of Mount Pleasant) it's very well worth the trip to try the food.

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