Thursday, November 23, 2006

Restaurant review: Trixi's

I have been neglecting to write Trixi’s restaurant review because I’ve been swamped with work commitments. But I can’t delay it anymore. Last Sunday, I went there with two of my best friends and we had crepes for dinner. Yessir, crepes. I admit it, I was shocked myself. I am usually a fan of Trixi’s for 3 pm crepe and tea on a sunny day (as I have done numerous times with one of my closest friends) but they wanted a savoury treat and I wasn’t about to say “oh I am sorry I’m a sweet crepe kind of guy”.

So, there I went with a herb-chicken and mushroom crepe (without cheese but with tomatoes). It was, as usual, fantastic! But I was more shocked about the fact that I had enjoyed a savoury crepe rather than a sweet one. Of course, I shared a sweet crepe for dessert. Prices are fantastic (with 6 bucks you can have crepe and ice-cream and for 10 bucks you got yourself dinner). The owners are sweet and adorable and they’ll come to your table to tell stories. So, kudos to Trixi’s. It is located right across from Tomato on Cambie and almost 17th Avenue. My favourite crepe restaurant (and yes I know Cafe Crepe, and I like their crepes too, but Trixi's has a homey flavour to it).


Raquel said...

Hola Raul!

Yo amo las crepas, dulces o saladas. No habia puesto tu link en mi blog!
ERROR CORREGIDISIMO...a ver si lo encuentras.
Un abrazo fuerte.

Raul said...
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