Friday, December 08, 2006

Computerized life

Ok, I admit it. I have signed on to the dark side. I have become a pseudo-geek. Why not a full geek, you might ask? Well, for all these reasons:
- I do not own an iPod
- My cell phone is pretty basic
- I don't use BlueTooth
- I do not have a Blackberry
- I don't own a digital camera BUT I now know how to download pictures!

That being said, I do:
- Bank online - which includes bill payments
- Organize my contacts using online calendars and address books
- Have a blog
- Have more than four e-mail accounts (which I read regularly)
- Watch YouTube
- Read the news online

Hence, while I do not deserve a full geek nomination, I can be a pseudo-geek. And I do depend
a lot on my computer! So I've decided that I will upgrade myself this Christmas, at least with a digital camera.

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