Friday, December 22, 2006

The proximity and nearness of things

Ok, so I am spending my holidays in Mexico, and I was just reflecting on how much I enjoy having amenities near my houses (both in Vancouver and in Mexico).

At home in Mexico, my parents' house is near:
* A movie theater (MMC)
* A supermarket (Soriana)
* A wonderful restaurant for Argentinian food (El Rincon Gaucho Clasico)
* A great hotel with lots of little restaurants (Hotel Fiestamericana)
* A car-washing place (La Vendimia)
* A big mall (Centro Max)
* A big park (Explora)

Really, I think that I have everything I need within a 2-4 minute drive...

Now, in Vancouver, I live within 15-25 minutes of:
* The best spots for brunch (Slickitty Jim, Cafe Main, Crave on Main)
* The best coffee places in the SoMa area (Soma, Waves, The Grind)
* Wonderful places for dinner (Red Sea Cafe, Monsoon, Crave on Main)
* The best spot for movie rentals (Happy Bats Cinema)
* Nice small Mom-and-Pop market (QS Supermarket)
* Great large market (Safeway)
* Wonderful places for dinner on Commercial Drive

So, I can't complain :) I'm a happy camper -- I got everything I need and more!

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