Monday, September 25, 2006

Love is where your heart is

Well, normally I blog about one of these things

a). My personal, day-to-day life.
b). Environmental affairs.
c). Restaurants where I eat.

Today I was reflecting on how lucky I am (yet again!) and how quickly moods can change. This needs some explanation. I am near the end of my 'birthday season' (one week before, one week after my birthday - all spanning three weeks)... and I have just had a lovely dinner cooked for me last night (though I was so hungover I could barely eat). So anyhow, I am a lucky man with lots of good friends...

On to the discussion of what the title means. My apartment is tiny. It is a one-bedroom ground-level basement suite. I love it dearly. It has everything I need, and I don't really have a lot of furniture. My dining table can be expanded to hold up to four people. However, it's really basically a two-seater. I usually invite one friend over for dinner and my dining "room" fits perfectly. However, two weeks ago I folded one part of the table so as to make enough walking room. It ended up being a one-seater (for me to eat breakfast or dinner - I rarely eat lunch at home).

A few seconds after I had folded the table, I felt really sad and lonely. It really struck me... I live alone. I *am* alone. I have wonderful friends, a very good neighbour, and my family. But I am really alone. It wasn't until I answered the phone an hour afterwards (one of my friends calling) that I thought "well, you are not really alone... you have lots of people who love you and care for you, and when you make enough money, you will have a real dining table for six"...

That's what I meant by 'love is where your heart is'. If you have friends and loved ones near you (either by phone, email, MSN or physically), you are never alone. So, in short, I am not really alone... And I am grateful for that.


Raquel said...

I love you.
I am an oyster right now but I do.


Marcela said...

I cant understan how that thought came to you when you reassigned your table!?!?! However, a sad thought cane to my mind by reading your post. Wouldnt it be sad if you have a table for 6 and never share it because you dont have friends... just a thought