Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Restaurant review: The Red Door

I had to pick up some stuff from one of my friends tonight around Granville Street, so I thought we would go for dinner near by. The closest restaurant (really) is The Red Door (Granville & 14th Ave.), so we thought we'd try that one. I am rarely into Asian fusion or Asian tapas, so I thought "well, what the heck"... we tried the eggplant with rice and we shared a won ton soup. The food was tasty and abundant. Didn't really need to eat more than these two shared plates.

The prices are really reasonable. The only problem - the service. I wasn't impressed with the level of service, despite the fact that the waitress was very nice. I think that it took them way too long to bring us drinks AND food. But once we got those out of the way, we were alright... All in all, I would go back to The Red Door... but only if I have had something to eat a bit earlier. Otherwise the wait might get to me...

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