Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sustainable transportation in Vancouver

Today I had a really hard time taking the 99 B-Line. Most buses went through, fully loaded with people. As someone with an environmentally-minded orientation, I should be happy. But I can't be happy because, even though we are making more use of public transit, we are indeed over capacity. The popularity of the U-Pass (a universal bus pass for students at UBC and SFU) has made it commuting much easier (as it covers all three zones of the Lower Mainland).

Sustainable transportation should also be climate-neutral, in my humble opinion. I was talking about this topic with Marcela, who is very passionate about sustainable transportation. For example, she was suggesting that street-light coordination would be but just one of the many ways in which you could streamline traffic in the Metropolitan Zone of Guadalajara. I don't know since I don't work in transportation, but I'll take her word for it :-)

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Marcela said...

DONT TAKE MY WORD!!! I havent done a proper observation of the traffic problem in Guadalajara (I will tought!), but that is a small element that sometimes is not considered as problem solving, and I think it should (for at least part of the problem, the bottle neck areas)