Sunday, June 03, 2007

Para el que no quiere sopa, dos platos

The title phrase to this post means literally "for the one who doesn't like soup, he/she'll have two platefuls". In my case, it refers to my dislike for crying sounds that emerge from young kiddies' mouths. You'll see... my neighbors have a 2 year old baby with whom they tend to engage in long (over an hour) yelling and crying matches. The kid wakes up at 6 am and starts yelling and crying when his parents don't allow him to throw stuff on the floor and run everywhere (thus creating a lot of noise). The parents have to yell back at the kid and it's a battle of wills (and of course, we get to hear everything!) With the lack of acoustic insulation, it is almost impossible to sleep later than 6 am (so sleeping in is almost a miracle).

Of course, over the course of the past few months, I've developed a complete dislike for any sound that barely resembles a kid crying... And what do I get when I take the plane this past week? Not one, but two kids whose mothers are unable to keep quiet! And on the way back to Vancouver, yet another crying kid! That's what the title of this post refers to... Somebody suggested ear plugs, but since I often get phone calls that are important, I can't really use ear plugs. *sigh*

On a rather positive note, Vancouver's weather is now 27 oC :)

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