Saturday, June 16, 2007

Restaurant review - Nyala (Main Street)

Ok, so I love Ethiopian food. And I love GOOD Ethiopian food. Thus it was only fitting that I really wanted to visit Nyala (with a very good location on Main Street near King Edward Avenue). Nyala used to have a location on 4th Avenue near Macdonald, but they don't anymore (I actually liked that little place, it was so close to Tatlow's... but I digress).

Nyala is the third in a string of Ethiopian/Eritrean food restaurants I have visited, beginning with the Red Sea Cafe and then followed by Fassil. Both Red Sea Cafe and Fassil are pretty much within a block of each other (near Fraser and Broadway)

The decor of Nyala is beautiful. The service is top-notch. The location is unparalleled. And the food is really good too. I think my mistake was the choice of dishes. I ordered tibs (both chicken and meat) and I think I should have gone for a watt. The food was more than enough for two people. I would have probably tried one more dish if I had had enough room.

Given a choice, I would be hard pressed to decide which Ethiopian restaurant I prefer. Furthermore, I would have to try Harambe and the other restaurant on Commercial Drive. But I can vouch for Nyala too, it is pretty good.

Nyala in Vancouver

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