Monday, January 15, 2007

Dealing with depression at all levels

For the first time in more than two decades, I felt depressed today. I hate cold weather, and Vancouver thermometers are marking -5 oC. I am sorry, that's just unfair. I can't leave my house without thermal underwear, a shirt, a sweater and two jackets, gloves and a toque. Thank God I don't live in Calgary or Montreal!

So, I discovered that in addition to the damn rain that Vancouver has, I also feel depressed whenever the weather is way too cold to do my normal routines. This is not exactly Seasonal Mood Disorder as understood by shrinks. The thing is, I rarely get depressed. For more than two decades, I never even considered the possibility.

Today, I was feeling down, bored, frozen, etc. But I used the best therapy of them all : retail therapy! Ah, the healing powers of a shopping trip. I feel so much better now!


Marcela said...

Ayyyyy Raulito... it is the winter, I understand how you feel, just to make it that important in your life. Try to do everything as normal, just with more cloth :)
By the way, what did you buy?!?!

Marcela said...

And is not unfair, though, is just Vancouver in the winter... but it will be nicer soon... in about two months ;)

Raul said...

Thanks Marcela :)

I just went to buy groceries, but the mere thought of spending money made my day :)

Marcela said...