Thursday, January 25, 2007

Restaurant review - The 5 Point

Located near one of the landmarks of Mount Pleasant, and in the uber-hip neighbourhood of Main Street (which happens to be my stomping grounds) is The 5 Point. Basically on Main between 15th and 16th Avenues, you will find a hip bar/restaurant whose clientèle's usually mid-thirties, late-twenties, not-so-wealthy-but-definitely-working-class males and females. While noisy, I think the food is ok (I wasn't hungry after a burger and fries, and it was tasty but definitely smaller burgers than I expected). Specials to look for: Wednesdays - burger and booze for 10 bucks and Thursdays Martinis for 5.50 (you know I love martinis!). Bartender and waitresses, very friendly and good service. Good food. Loud music. You can watch hockey here, for sure. And get drunk.
Five Point in Vancouver

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