Sunday, January 21, 2007

Of needles and threads

Today I had to sew two buttons back into two of my European jackets. Now, these are quite expensive jackets and thus I had no intention whatsoever of screwing up. So I kept the buttons and I purchased a portable sewing kit. I am still a mamma's boy in that most of my button-fixing was done by my Mom. Unfortunately, Mom lives in a different country than I do and thus I am left to my own devices. And I found out today that I can use a needle-threader. I had never used one, but I seemed to vaguely recall how my Grandma used it.

So, I figured it out, and in five minutes I did what could've taken me an hour (insert the thread into the needle's eye). I feel so proud of myself! Despite the fact that many people have done this and consider it a non-vital skill, trust me - when it comes do sewing your own buttons, it's handy to know how to do it!

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