Saturday, December 29, 2007

4TheRcrd is officially launching tonight!

Jark is the strong force behind 4TheRcrd. Tonight (Dec 29th, 2007) is the launch party at The Wild Coyote, co-hosted by Phreshvibe. Details can be found here. I like the concept and I'm very much looking forward to seeing great stuff on the blog/magazine. Sleek and sexy design and layout, I think will be a good addition to the blogosphere.

I am so sorry I'm not there for the launch, but well, can you blame me? Beautiful views, gorgeous architecture and warm and sunny weather... I'll be back in Vancouver soon enough! Congratulations to the team!

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JarkTheSaint said...

We're happy to be there also... Everyone is encouraged, call us before 10PM and you may still be able to make the guestlist.

Freebies to all who attend, cameras, laptops, drinks...and a dance with JarkTheSaint. ;)