Sunday, December 09, 2007

Accepting intolerance? Never.

Last night I was talking to a friend of mine about things I would accept if I were forced to live in a specific country (in this case, Mexico). I think I can deal with people trying to take advantage of me. I can be ok with people who don't have a sense of time and forget to be punctual and on time. I can live with a society that is complex and complicated.

But I can't live within an intolerant society. I heard some of the "most educated minds" in this country speak about homosexuality as though it is a sin, as though it is "something that people didn't ask to be born with", as though it is an illness. People whom I admired in the past have come out of the closet as being complete homophobes. I have also heard people saying nasty things about indigenous peoples, spitting out racist comments. I honestly can't deal with this. I am ok with a society filled with problems and issues, but I can't live in an intolerant society. Not now, not ever.

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keefer4 said...

Good on ya, Raul.