Sunday, December 23, 2007

Pre-Christmas fun?

This morning, Mom and I were having breakfast and discussing our different views of Christmas. For her, this is the season when she goes to traditional Mexican parties, spend time with her children and grandchildren and friends. In my case, it becomes a stressful time, when I have to negotiate relationships with family members (both close and estranged), take care of stuff I haven't been able to do while I am in Canada, etc.

While the whole holiday season allows me to spend time with friends and family for whom I care a lot, the actual two or three days before and after Christmas are stressful. So, today, tomorrow and Tuesday will be a tad stressful. But I am looking forward to the 26th onwards. A friend is coming to visit me, and I'll get a chance to spend time with HZ's parents and other good friends. So I won't complain.

And to get you and everyone else in the Christmas holiday spirit, here is a video by Wham, "Last Christmas". It's one of the sweetest songs out there (even though the lyrics aren't that sweet if you think about them).

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