Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Music Review - Elsewhere by Paula Cole & Sarah McLachlan

When I lived in residence, this song was my anthem. I used to listen to the standard version by Sarah McLachlan in my room, at night, while pondering whether it was worth to fight to maintain a relationship that seemed doomed from the start (and perhaps the first relationship where I felt I was truly, madly and deeply in love). I became addicted to this version by Paula Cole and Sarah McLachlan after the Lilith Fair tour. I found this videoclip on YouTube, hope you enjoy.


Anonymous said...

this is my very favorite song by sarah ever EVER EVER EVER and of the four times i have seen her live (cole once) i have only seen her sing it once and i balled my eyes out like a new born baby.

jana said...

i like.

Also.. you must know "back door man" by sarah..
i like the lyrics of that song as well.....