Friday, May 04, 2007

Anti-procrastination remedy: Breaking tasks into smaller bits

Any self-respecting guru on time management, project management and "achieve success in 24 hours" will tell you that the key to getting something done is to break it down into smaller tasks. This is particularly important when you are a chronic procrastinator. We have all procrastinated. Some people ask me if I use my blog to procrastinate (I don't, I use it to take a short break in between tasks).

Today I've gotten a lot accomplished by breaking down edits and revisions to a paper into smaller bits, doing errands (such as mailing rent checks, shopping for groceries, organizing my apartment a bit). This has resulted in increased productivity. I am doing much more and stay focused more instead of dreading the editing process.

Here are a couple of links that might be useful. One is to a very young blogger (Scott Young, 18 yrs old) and the other one is to Carleton University's Procrastination Research Group webpage. Yes, there are people who actually study procrastination!

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