Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Restaurant review - Cafe Luxy

I have been to Cafe Luxy for dinner a few times, and the funny thing about it is that I never remember to suggest it when I am asked "where should I go for dinner?". I think that the reason is that I am rarely around the West End. Since moving to the South Main area, I've become more acquainted with (and interested) spots that are geographically close to my place.

In the past few months, with increasing readership, I've felt more of a responsibility to write more detailed restaurant reviews and to carefully choose which restaurants I review. Dining out in Vancouver is sometimes hit-and-miss. One night, you can get a fantastic plate and the next week the service can be horrible. Luckily, Cafe Luxy is not one of these places. It is actually good and reliable.

Very recently, a friend of mine took me for lunch to Cafe Luxy (my first time doing lunch there, though most certainly not my first time to the restaurant). I ordered a linguini con chorizo (really good). Lunch is really inexpensive, but don't be mistaken. This doesn't mean that it's cheap, only that it is affordable. Lunch came with a small salad and was more than plenty. The dinner size portions are slightly more expensive (but still in the realm of $15.00).

It's safe to say that Cafe Luxy is a reliable dining spot around the Davie Village. Located on the 1200 block of Davie Street (close to Bute St.), it's a brilliant choice either for lunch or dinner. I just noticed they have brunch, so I'll have to come back for that.

Cafe Luxy in Vancouver

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Marcela said...

I've heard that is a very nice spot to eat and I havent been there. I'll remember next time I want italian food.