Thursday, May 17, 2007

Restaurant review - Memphis Blues

My brother loves BBQ ribs, and he vouches for Memphis Blues Barbeque House all the time. I am not really a rib kind of guy so I always thought I would never set foot in this place. Well, I did and I am glad I did. They have BBQ chicken breast, sandwiches, burgers, etc. So the place really is awesome and caters to every taste. They have two locations that I know of, one on Commercial Drive (for East Vaners) and one on Broadway between Hemlock and Granville (for those Fairview Slopes-South Granvillers).

Memphis Blues Barbeque House (Commercial) in Vancouver


Wendy said...

Pues la Barbacoa de costillitas es muy distinta a lo que acá conocemos como barbacoa. A mí tampoco me gustan las costillitas, pero la salsita agridulce sobre pollo no suena nada mal.
Mil gracias por tus comentarios enjundiosos, eres mi héroe por dar clases en el extranjero.
Feliz y comelón fin de semana.
Te pasé un meme (que transcribas algún fragmento de un libro que te guste, o en su defecto, la página 123 del mismo).

Karen Magill said...

Good food and a unique restaurant. I've been to the one on Commercial Drive - the Drive is my area.

Raul said...

Thanks for commenting Karen. I love the Drive. I will be reviewing a few restaurants over there. I would invite you to check my review of Zestys, on Commercial too...