Monday, May 21, 2007

Why haven't I blogged - a post about blogging

Recently, for some reason, the vast majority of my academic friends are either finishing a PhD or done the PhD. So I decided that I'd research my own behavior with respect to blogging and publish it in one of their presentations.

I didn't blog in the past few days not because I haven't been eating out. Of course I have. It's more that I have too much work to do, and not enough witty comments or restaurant reviews to make. So this blog is going to take second place for a short while.

I will, however, rave about dinner with the B-T's on Friday night and at TR's family home on Saturday night. Those reviews, forthcoming :)


Lino Evgueni said...

Raúl, aquí está la lista de grad students mexicanos. Saludos.

Wendy said...

Raúl, así es mejor. Si me hubieras reseñado una comida deliciosa, a las casi tres de la tarde y yo muerta de hambre, seguro te hubiera odiado.
Pero no fué así, me alegro y espero leer tus nuevas reseñas con la pancita llena :)