Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Restaurant review - Martini's

Thanks to the fact that I've lived now close to four of the major streets in Vancouver (Granville, Oak, Cambie and Main) , I have been lucky enough to dine out at many of the restaurants that the Broadway corridor offers between Granville and Main. One of the best, in my humble opinion, is Martini's.

M and I were really hungry just as I was coming back from a recent international trip (she picked me up at the Airport, as she usually does) and since it was on the way to my house, we decided to stop at Martini's for a bite to eat. Funny how it goes, Martini's is famous for their whole-wheat pizza (so that means L and I won't be going there any time soon since she's allergic to wheat). But my recollection of Martini's is always their nice pastas.

Their menu is really broad, and (lucky for me) they have a broad variety of pastas. I had a Chorizo penne sauté that was amazing. The prices are really accessible, so if you want to go for dinner with a good friend and ensure they'll have a good time, take them to Martini's. It's located at 151 Broadway (if memory serves me right and Google Maps isn't wrong, that means between Manitoba and Ontario).
Martini's in Vancouver

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