Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Mother's Day on Thursday May 10th

Although I know that in Canada the celebration is on Sunday May 13th, the tradition back home takes place on May 10th. Therefore, I will be calling my Mom on that specific day. This will be the 9th year in the past 11 years that I will not be spending Mother's Day with her, which is quite regrettable. These are the days (Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc.) when I would really love it if Scotty could really beam us up (if you aren't a Star Trek fan, you probably didn't understand my line... sorry, yes I am a geek).

I feel extremely privileged to have the mother that I do. Mom set an example for me and my brothers. She has worked really hard all her life (she still does), but always made time for us. Mom is one of those rare specimens who can make friends with just about everyone. Her passion for life is only surpassed by her love of her children. The ethics and values that Dad and her instilled in me make me proud of being who I am.

I am also lucky because she loves travelling, so usually she comes and visits me for a month during the summer time. And I think I've shared this comment with each and every one of my good friends: just knowing that my Mom is physically there, present, just seeing her watch TV while I am doing something else, or watering the plants, or simply cooking, makes me extremely happy.

These days people seem to have a hard time being happy, or finding ways to be happy. In my case, one of the things that makes me extremely happy is spending time with my mother. And I am very glad that I still have those opportunities, even if only a few times a year. Most of my friends are also very close to their parents, so we often share stories of parents who live in distant countries and how hard it is to know that they aren't physically close to us. But I am very grateful because I have both my parents.

And to my mother (who rarely reads my blog but I know she's going to stumble upon this particular posting) I could say many things, but I think the best one I can say is Thank you for being.


Wendy said...

Raúl, yo quisiera tener la certeza de que mis hijas me amarán tanto como tú amas a la tuya. Que la señora pacheco tenga un feliz día, que vaya a verte pronto y te obsequie con la paz de su presencia. Lo mejor de ella no caducará jamás, mientras viva en tí.

Wendy said...

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saludos bis.