Thursday, May 03, 2007

Learning to ask for help

I had a minor procedure done to my eye recently, and thus had the eyeballs anesthetized. If you ever have had this type of medical procedure done to you, you'll know that you SHOULD have someone accompany you because after the procedure you're basically blind (technically blind, at least). So, I should have asked for help.

I have been scolded by just about every single one of my friends, who said "why didn't you call me - I would've gone with you to the hospital!". And I know I should have. I just have never learned to ask for help when I need it. But the feeling I had after the procedure made me realize that I really should learn to ask for help. It was awful. I really was almost praying that I wasn't going to get run over by a car.

And I didn't, I am here safe and sound. But I should have been careful and phone a friend to have him/her take me home after the procedure. Next time, I promise I will.


Nomade said...

You know, if I wasn't 5000 miles away, I'd give you a swift kick. You're just lucky I'm not there to chew you out in person. But I'm glad to hear you've learned your lesson (and that you are doing better). Take care of yourself my friend.

Marcela said...

Ay Raul... what a way to learn. Hopefully next time, you will ask for help.