Monday, February 05, 2007

It's all about the equipment!

Ah, retail therapy... the best solution to winter blues...

I was raised with the firm conviction that you should never be cheap in buying whatever makes your life easier, even if it expensive. You should always strive to buy the best clothes, the most nutritious food, the nicest furniture (within your budget, quite obviously).

I happened to do exactly that this weekend (treat myself to whatever I needed). I needed a printer (I didn't have one before), so I bought an HP laser printer. I have been playing volleyball since a few weekends ago, so I bought a set of knee pads. My brother bought me a new pair of work boots (those that have the metal toe and all) to avoid me falling on the ice (something that happened about a month ago while Vancouver was still snowed).

Hence the title of my posting. It's all about the equipment. You can't be an academic these days without a printer, Internet access, a good computer, software... You can't be a competitive volleyball player if you are afraid to dig balls (and you most definitely need knee pads for that!). You can't walk in rainy Vancouver and expect not to trip at some point. So that's why I now have the gear to carry out my day-to-day activities. I am quite happy :)

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