Sunday, February 18, 2007

Restaurant review - Earls Robson

So for one of my closest friends' birthdays (K's), we settled (after walking around Yaletown for about an hour and a half) on Earls on Robson. The fact that each place we tried had "at least 45 minutes to an hour wait" (yes, the hostess can say it as sweetly as possible but I get just as pissed off) was just underwhelming. I am not impressed with the dining scene here in Vancouver. At any rate, we finally decided on the chain Earls.

I've had dinner at Earl's before, actually this same location (Earls Robson). Dinner was reasonably priced and the waiters and waitresses were pure eye candy and really sweet (I kid you not, I saw gorgeous women and beautiful men -- these people really were unbelievably hot!). I had Mediterranean linguini with chicken (inexpensive considering the prices in Vancouver, for $ 15.50) and a white bellini (the bartender was super sweet too).

We had a good time, overall. I probably would not go back to this place unless it was a special occasion. The reason? Well, this summer I cooked enough Rottini a la Puttanesca for four people for four days in a row on a budget of $ 16.00. That means that the profit margins in these restaurants are incredibly high. So if I am to go back to Earls, it has to be for their blackened chicken with roasted potatoes (amazing!) or something equally sophisticated.

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