Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Oscars :)

I tend to follow the Oscars quite closely for many reasons. For one, I love cinema. Having been an actor myself (theatre, though) I have a great appreciation for the work of people who strive to become a different person. I will comment on the 2006/2007 Oscars (with amazing performances like that of Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada or Helen Mirren, the obvious favourite for The Queen). But due to the hype of today's Academy Awards ceremony, I was just transported this morning to what I think is one of the best movies of all years, and one of the most deserved Oscar wins for Best Actress in a Leading Role: Charlize Theron for Monster.

As indicated by Roger Ebert's review, Theron basically asks us to understand why Aileen Wuornos fell in the downward spiral that led her to become a serial killer. Charlize Theron won that Oscar hands down. She became Aileen Wuornos for that movie, and gained the respect of the Academy (and gazillions of fans). I haven't been able to see the movie again (it makes me terribly sad) but I think that just as Charlize Theron became Aileen Wuornos in that movie, Helen Mirren became Elizabeth II in The Queen. The only problem is... so did Meryl Streep (she became Miranda Priestly) and so did Kate Winslet and so did Judi Dench and the ever-amazing Kate Winslet... so this year, the Oscar is a tough prediction. I am not a fan of Penelope Cruz but I have been told that her performance is amazing. Good thing I speak Spanish :-)

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