Thursday, February 01, 2007

Restaurant review - Paul's Place Omelettery

My brother was in town this past weekend and we went for brunch. He was clearly appalled at the paucity of good brunch places around my neighborhood. Quite apparently, we had exhausted all the good haunts (Cafe Main, Slickitty Jim's, Crave on Main). And we both are sort of picky (ok. admittedly, very picky) when it comes to brunch. It has to be perfect. Since we both lived in Kitsilano in our early years living in Vancouver, we are pretty much very knowledgeable about where to eat there. However, since I now live in this side of town, I've tried to get to know my stomping grounds. And my brother (sweet as he is) has been kind enough to try some of these places with me.

Well, after an hour searching for a good spot for brunch (and nearing 1 pm on a Sunday!) we just gave up and traveled to Granville Street, heading to Paul's Place Omelettery (my friends and I simply call it Paul's). Now, I said "gave up" because we wanted to eat around Main St. We just didn't find a spot that didn't have a 30 minute wait! And we kind of didn't want to go back to our old neighborhood (South Granville as they call it now). But we were forced to...

We were not disappointed. Paul's is by and large the best omelettery in town, hands down. Crave on Main is a strong competitor. Both have amazing eggs. Gramercy Grill is perhaps third on the list (though I wasn't that impressed with their brunch items - but that restaurant will have to wait for another post). Prices for brunch items hover in the range of $9-11 . They make excellent coffee. I have eaten at Paul's at least six times that I can think off the top of my head in the past two years and the food has always been amazing.

Since one of my good friends just moved from the US to Vancouver, I try really hard to take him to new and awesome places for brunch. I will take him to Paul's for sure. Highly recommended!

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