Sunday, February 18, 2007

Movie Theatre Review - Rio on Broadway

Technically, this *should* be a post to review a movie, but I have been wanting to write about the renovations of the movie theatre Rio on Broadway that I can't really just leave it there. So I will skip my review of "Music and Lyrics" and go directly to the theatre itself.

The prices are almost unbeatable (only at times second to Empire Granville 7, but honestly, the great deal about Rio on Broadway is that not only the place has been renovated, the staff are corteous and sweet, the concession stand has everything you want, and furthermore ... the prices are inexpensive. $ 7.00 on a normal day, $ 5.00 on Tuesdays. I mean, how much better can it get? And it's on Broadway almost corner of Commercial Drive, so if you are really hungry for a bite to eat after the movie, there's the whole Drive to explore.

I had a wonderful time here, I have to say. I wanted to come when they screened "An Inconvenient Truth" but I couldn't make it. And of course, I promote local business in Vancouver :)


Lino Evgueni said...

I'm afraid of Commercial Drive, though.

Raul said...


I can completely understand. But honestly, I will tell you that it is less scary than you think. If you and Marcela would like, we could to go for a movie with me to the Rio. Think about it. Great work on your blog, I read it often!