Friday, March 09, 2007

Interior design in Vancouver [limited spaces!]

In my past lives, I studied just about everything you could have imagined. I learned about library sciences, criminology, interior design (which by the way in Spanish is called "Decoracion de Interiores" (interior decoration)], and just about a dozen random other things.

One of the things I have kept near and dear to my heart is interior design. And now that I live in Vancouver, it has become more and more important.

You'll see, I live in a very tiny apartment. And by very tiny, I mean less than 550 square feet. I am, however, proud of what I have managed to accomplish with the very limited space I have. So here is my apartment's floor plan. I constructed this with Visio(R) since I don't have AutoCAD and frankly I needed to learn how to use it.
And I figured it'd be handy for my friends who are now shopping for furniture and re-decorating their apartments to see what I could accomplish with mine.


Anonymous said...

hola raul. muy bien que has arreglado tu huevo de depa. se vive en miniatura aqui apoco no? pero bien comodo, al final del dia si el espacio esta bien dividido y decorado se vive bien.

trivia: cual es la diferencia entre "interior design and interior decoration"..... este es un buen debate con los interioristas!

leer tus posts de restaurantes siempre me dan hambre, pero los recordare para saber donde ir que nunca se me ocurre! - carolina

Raul said...

Hola Carolina,

Gracias por comentar. Si, la verdad se vive aqui en miniatura, pero si vieras lo orgulloso que me siento de mi departamentito. Estoy super contento. Mi mama vino el verano pasado a Vancouver un mes y le encanto mi departamentito.

Anonymous said...

I wish you could help me with my apartment,I'm really frustrated with it, less then 500 sq.feet and nothing seems to fit! Good for you, for finding a way to make it work.