Friday, March 23, 2007

Restaurant review - Banana Leaf

Banana Leaf is actually one of those restaurants that I feel confident about recommending (and reviewing). I think the last time I was at the Banana Leaf was around 1997. So, it had been a decade since I last had set foot in this restaurant. I vaguely remembered that it was good and that there were certain flavours that were typical (peanuts, curry, spices, coconut milk).

Banana Leaf's food is not only good... is is EXCELLENT! With three locations in the Vancouver area (two on the Broadway corridor and one in the West End), Banana Leaf brings you the best in Malaysian food. I ordered the Rendang Chicken Curry (which is more than enough food even if you are really hungry) and committed the mistake of over-eating by ordering six assorted Satay skewers. The food was amazing and not really expensive (as you can see from their meat and vegetable menu). That being said, there are some more expensive items I would have to try when I want to splurge and indulge (lobster, for example).

Dinner was in the realm of $ 40 bucks for two people (fairly inexpensive for the amount of food we had!) and the service was prompt and corteous. Small catch - make reservations. I am not kidding you. This place gets so full and the line-ups are so long that I've actually declined to wait in line (M and I went there two times before and tried to get in - to no avail!). The decor and ambience is nice, and they have some really neat drinks (lychee mojito, for example!).

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Nomade said...

I went to the Kitsilano location a few weeks back when CS was in town (on your recommendation I think). I agree, it is a great place. The food was plentiful and delicious and I loved the lychee mojito. My only complaint was the service. All through the meal they were great. But then we were given the bill without being asked if we wanted coffee or dessert. I understand they need to make money and wanted to get a third seating in, but we had only been there a little over an hour. Not that we actually wanted coffee or dessert, it's the principle of the matter. I hate feeling like I'm being rushed. Having said that, I'm hoping that was an anomaly and I will go back because I really liked the place.