Monday, March 05, 2007

Restaurant review: Moderne Burger (Not yet!)

My friend J asked me if I had ever had Moderne Burger's food ever - she claims that it's better than Vera's Burger Shack (I am not about to engage in a dispute with a true Kitsilano resident, so I'll just say -- "ok, if you say so"). But this is the reason why I haven't been to Moderne Burger: They are closed for renovations!

If you read below, I reviewed Alexis Restaurant a few weeks back. Well, on our way to the bus stop, H and I walked past Moderne Burger, and they were closed! I couldn't help but laugh incontrollably when I read the sign posted outside. You will understand when you see it!

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Marcela said...

I'm also waiting for them to open again. They are great hamburgers!!