Monday, March 19, 2007

Music Review - New Jersey Deep by Black Science Orchestra

Most of my friends know that I love deep house, although I can go for different variations (slightly techno, beats, dance/trance, chill-out). Well, some time ago I heard this song (most likely at a cafe - I seem to recall that Tatlow's on 4th Avenue usually plays this type of music - either deep house/chill-out or jazz) and wrote down its name. I never looked for it online. However, today I was cleaning my desk to start working and I came across the piece of paper where I wrote the tune. So I searched for it... and became addicted upon listening to it again.

New Jersey Deep by Black Science Orchestra. That's the name of the tune that occupies my thoughts (and my earphones) right now. The link I have provided will take you to the VitalVynil website, the first site I've seen that has full-length promotional tidbits of their tunes. This particular tune combines funk, beats and house in a rather intoxicating concoction that urges the listener to start dancing... the imagery I get from this tune is sort of New York/Paris at night... I would recommend that you listen to it and then give me your opinions ;)

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