Saturday, March 17, 2007

Restaurant review - Cafe Crepe (UBC)

Well, I must have been to Cafe Crepe about a gazillion times. Cafe Crepe is a European-style cafe, which serves primarily, well, coffee and crepes... Just off the top of my head, not including today, in 2007 I have visited Cafe Crepe at the very least:
  • When my brother was in town (about two months ago)
  • When A and I wanted to go for tea and a crepe, about two weeks ago.
  • With H after shopping for his shoes about two months ago.
  • With K after dinner at Earls Robson.
  • ...
And the list could go on. Cafe Crepe is one of the best places to go if you *really* are craving a crepe. So this posting should review all the locations I've visited in the past few weeks. I'll start with today's visit (UBC).

Cafe Crepe (UBC)
The company was by far the best part of lunch. I ordered a burger and N ordered a spinach and feta cheese crepe (for those of you who know me well, you know I absolutely dislike cheese... yes I know I am an abnormality). Clearly, this place is popular and thus the staff is always scrambling to try and provide good service. But I can't complain. We weren't really in a rush so it wasn't like I had any problems. A took me last semester here for my birthday lunch celebration (and she had to run to a meeting) so that time was really bad. But today was good. Their burgers are good, and I wasn't hungry after lunch at all. That being said, I still have to check Moderne Burger.

Cafe Crepe (Granville Street, two locations downtown and one near 12th Avenue).
Again, the company was definitely the highlight of these evening. I visited all three sites with three different friends of mine. Cafe Crepe's nutella crepe is to die for, and they do have the cheapest booze in town, so I ordered a martini too :) Their chocolate martini ... mmmmmmmmmm! :)

Overall, I'd rank Cafe Crepe as one of my favourite spots. I worry sometimes when I bring friends because I know that, if we are in a rush, we won't get quick service. But the staff is always attentive and you can't go wrong with crepes.

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