Saturday, March 31, 2007

Music Review - Sola Sistim by Underworld

In a very recent conversation with H, we discussed our respective music interests. I think that while my taste is quite varied, my repertoire is not as vast as his. That being said, in complete contrast to other tunes I have looked for, Sola Sistim by Underworld is the type of experimental, new-age song that people could very well associate me with.

While "experimental music" doesn't seem to be a phrase that many of my friends would have in mind when talking about my music, I can completely see myself writing at a downtown coffee shop at 11 pm (I am a creature of the night) while listening to this tune. I managed to find a video with the song as a background (still have yet to find the actual album!).

Update - I read some reviews and apparently this is downtempo, chill-out. Wow, I really need to amp up my terminology!

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