Thursday, March 29, 2007

Music Review - Gonna Get You by Lonnie Gordon

For those of you who are 80's music lovers (and who love to dance to really contagious music), below you will find the video to the opening sequence to the movie "Cool as Ice" starring Vanilla Ice. Touted as the first white (Caucasian) rapper (and perhaps this was true, I've never actually checked pop culture history books), Vanilla Ice had a few tunes that stuck in a lot of people's minds. This video features Naomi Campbell (pre-maid hitting behavior) singing with Vanilla Ice. Rhythmic and contagious, this tune makes me want to dance every time I listen to it. Hopefully it will have the same effect on you :)

Moreover, I found that Lonnie Gordon had done a song in the same soundtrack, so I tracked it down to ... a YouTube segment of a Vanilla Ice movie ("Cool as Ice"). Whomever uploaded the video wasn't very happy with the female lead! Lonnie Gordon has achieved much success, and is a wonderful singer. This type of music is sort of high-energy, rhythm and blues, mixed with a bit of house. Check it out.

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