Friday, March 09, 2007

Restaurant review - Water Street Cafe

I have been to the Water Street Cafe at least six times within the last year. No less... Was there for Valentine's Day this year, my birthday last year, dinner with H last October... at least three times in six months off the top of my head. What makes me come back to this restaurant all the time?

The answer is fourfold:
a) Great food.
b) Great service.
c) Great ambience.
d) A chance to speak in Italian to the owner.

Ok, so I might sound horribly conceited for citing reason # 4, but what are languages for if you can't use them? I might as well take the chance! [That's the reason why I haven't learned Swahili].

Truthfully, the Water Street Cafe is the place to take someone if you want them to really enjoy great food and a great atmosphere. Located at the corner of Cambie Street and Water Street (hence the name!) and literally across the street from the Gastown Steam Clock, this restaurant is owned by Mr. Domenique Sabatino. Mr. Sabatino is an amazing host. Every time I show up there, he'll come and say hi in person, chat with me in Italian, ask me what I want for dinner and seat me and my guest in less than 10 minutes. I am so not kidding!

The food is amazing, and even if they don't have it in their menu, they'll make it for you. Trust me on this one. I am a fan of linguini a la Puttanesca, and the Water Street Cafe doesn't officially have it on their menu. But they'll make it for me. Actually I am pretty sure they'll make it for anyone who orders it.

Any dish on their menu is amazing, but I can totally swear by their pastas and their chicken and meat dishes. Their Caesar salads are good too. Prices are reasonable (not really cheap, but then again this is one of the best restaurants in Vancouver!)... I would seriously recommend it to anyone. Note: I have only done dinner here, but it's open at 11:30 so I guess they do brunch too.

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