Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Restaurant Review - Seb's Market Cafe

Ok, so this IS indeed far overdue... I went to Seb's Market Cafe with two friends in December (just before I headed south for a holiday). Since this is right in my neighborhood, I thought it was an awesome idea. I always enjoy exploring restaurants that are nearby.

Seb's Market Cafe is a great place for brunch. I haven't been there for dinner so I can't say but they most definitely have a dinner menu. However, if you go there for brunch on a Sunday, it is REALLY PACKED. That can't be because it's bad, right? :) So, the place is really good.

I ordered scrambled eggs with sausage, potatoes, etc. Standard brunch fare. Very well done, and the price is slightly Kitsilano-ey but the portions are generous. Coffee is excellent. Service is, well... slow at times, but they try their best. And their compotes are prepared in-house.

I would come back to Seb's at some point, but I want to try other brunch spots first. But if you live in the neighborhood or want to just check it out, you really should. Worth the visit!

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