Friday, March 02, 2007

Restaurant review: Vera's Burger Shack

Finally, somebody had mercy on me and decided to bring Vera's Burger to the Main Street area (SoMa or Mount Pleasant, depending on what you want to call it). Located between 14th and 15th Avenues (2922 Main Street), Vera's Burger is a true Vancouver gem. I don't care what people say about other burger places, Vera's Burger is by and large, the best burger in town. And apparently, everybody in Vancouver thinks the same way! I was just reading the West Ender and I found that Vera's Burger was voted AGAIN Best Burger in Town (Gold Award).

I had stopped at Vera's Burger with many of my friends (different locations: on Davie Street, at UBC, on Cornwall Street) [note: this was usually because they were drunk or hung over and needed FOOD pronto!] but I had never actually eaten there until last Sunday. Wow, do they ever make a wonderful burger! I had the Drunk Chicken and loved it. My brother also loves Vera's Burger (and he is a true connoisseur). So, I can't be wrong. Vancouver can't be wrong. Thank you Vera's Burger for bringing amazing burgers closer to our neighbourhood.

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