Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ah the paradoxes

I'm usually a night owl. Love staying up late and work my way through stuff. Only problem - I love waking up late too. But I've been awake on and off since 3.45 am. ARGH! Why, on the only day that I can sleep in (I can't on Sundays as I have volleyball), why can't I just sleep my way through the night? Frustrated.

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Stephen Rees said...

I have at least one book at my bedside. If you do not sleep alone a pda can be read by its own light. Usually reading takes my mind off whatever it was that woke me or is keeping my brain working. Some books work better than others as sleep inducements, but I find the more cultural they are the better. "Tristram Shandy" works well - but I also recently found "Night Train to Lisbon" by Pascal Mercier was a great read but was very good at just one or two chapters at a time.

The main thing is to stop worrying about not sleeping - you will make the sleep debt some night soon.