Thursday, February 21, 2008

Putting this beautiful day to good use

Normally, I work from home on Fridays (I used to do this to avoid being dragged out for a pint, but then I caved in and it has become a nice tradition). Anyhow, I'm working from home today as my building is not going to be well-heated and thus I preferred to be here. While I can't complain (I'm getting lots of natural sun light through my windows), I think it's a waste of a beautiful day to work at home. So I'm going to take my laptop and go somewhere to do work (and take this opportunity to take some nice photographs).

Suggestions for good locations to work? All I need is wifi :) Was thinking of hitting the Lonsdale Quay (I know of a fairly secluded spot where I read lots of research papers related to work). But other suggestions accepted. I'll have online access so I'll know what you suggest :)


Caro said...

did you work?? i was going to suggest to just go, enjoy the weather and work another day....jajaja. how are you? when are you going dancing?? hope to see you soon! carolina

Caro said...

hey, iba a sugerir que nomas disfrutaras el dia....ya trabajaras en la noche?? cuando vas al baile? ojala te vea pronto, carolina