Wednesday, February 20, 2008

On randomness

Very quick pre-sleepy time post, just to answer a question that was raised at today's Green Drinks, and at last night's Third Tuesday. The question was - what do you blog about? And my long winded answer is always "well, I'm interested in environmental issues, so it started like that, but now I blog about very random things".

The general response I got was (with the exception of a few individuals particularly at Third Tuesday) ... "so, say you wake up thinking about something, you just blog about that?". That got me thinking about a shorter way to respond. I blog about what peaks my interests, what I have on my mind or what I want to articulate for future reflection. That may be a very complex issue, or just a song that I want to find and keep here.

So, for example, I got very light-hearted and non-reflective pieces like the 'music reviews', but I also have some fairly complex analyses of Vancouver-related or environmentally-related issues. For example, I think one of my best pieces is the discussion around Al Gore/IPCC winning the Nobel Prize. Another one that I liked was my comparison of Vancouver's and Mexico City's transportation systems. Ah, and lest we forget... my discussion about the meaning of 'forever' in relationships.

So, in short - my blog is titled "Random thoughts of a student of the environment" for that reason: because I want it to reflect whatever random thoughts cross my mind. I am still interested in environmental issues, and I can write reflective and analytical essays. However, that's not the end of it all. I am here to have fun, and hopefully, so are you.


keefer said...

That's one of the things I enjoy about your blog-- I don't know what I'm going to get. If, for example, you were to only blog about green cars or only about Gateway or something, I'd probably tune out.
In fact, without naming names, I have tuned out several blogs which became too predictable and too calculating for my tastes.
We're possibly in the minority in this, as many people seem to expect and want a specific "fix" when visiting blogs. I can see why in a way, but I enjoy a somewhat 'homier' feel to the blogs I visit.
It's probably part of what keeps my hits down. Not that I care too much these days. I like to supplement the photo/art side of things with personal tidbits or whatever comes to mind, quite often.
Anyway, enjoying what I find here.

Raul said...

Thanks Keith :)

I do enjoy your blog too - and some of your photography is phenomenal.