Sunday, February 03, 2008

And then it's done!

One of the motto's of my good friend Nomade Moderne is "just get it done", referring to the idea that one should just focus on the task at hand and finish it. Coincidentally, one of my sisters-in-law's motto is a complementary (and rather cheerful) phrase: "... and then it's done!" (usually uttered with a joyful smile).

So if you were to combine their motto's in one sentence, you'd say "oh come on, just get it done... just finish it and then it's done!". I can almost hear their voices in my head. Well, this morning I applied their motto to a particularly unpleasant task. I hate doing dishes, I really do. Having been totally busy this week and weekend, I managed to accumulate two sinks full of dishes.

Now, it is indeed a rarity for me to have so many non-washed dishes in my apartment, but I just couldn't bring myself to separate from the tasks at hand to just focus on washing them. Finally, this morning I broke down. Since I had to make breakfast, I needed a frying pan. I had none, all of them were dirty. Guess where they were? Yes, you guessed right... in the sink.

So, I figured "well, I can just wash the frying pan, make breakfast and then wash all the dishes this afternoon when I want a break from work". However, I thought to myself the phrase I just wrote above, and I figured "I might as well just get them done". So I can happily report that my dishes are all clean :)

Despite the fact that this could be just a waste of three minutes of your life, I think that there is a lesson to be learned here. The initial push to start a new project or to just complete a certain task may be really difficult to overcome. But once you've started it, you should just focus your attention and get it done. If you are able to sustain the focus, you can gain momentum and finish sooner than you actually may have estimated. And then, it's done! :)

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Amanda Nicole said...

I just moved into an apartment with a dishwasher, and I have to say I thank the sweet baby Jesus every day. And I'm not even religious.

You can get a mini apartment-sized dishwasher from Canadian Tire, too. Not to discourage your optimism, but I sincerely loathe doing dishes.