Sunday, February 17, 2008

I'm normally very smart, but...

In general, my planning background comes handy when I have social engagements in my calendar. The past few days have been lovely in regards to having some opportunities to spend time with friends (although I have not had a chance to see others). Thursday was a wonderful Valentine's with dinner and a movie.

Friday was JH's birthday which we celebrated with dinner and a movie as well (HZ, ML and myself). Now, this is when I explain what's behind this post's title. I generally do not disclose that I am lactose-intolerant as I love ice cream, yogurt, milk and other dairy products with the exception of cheese (which I, luckily, hate to the bottom of my heart).

Whenever I go on a dairy binge, I start taking my medication well in advance so that my tummy can take it. Well, stupid me, I did not take it on Friday (nor early in the week) even though I figured we might end up ordering pizza in at HZ's apartment. Quite obviously, the logical result is that my stomach gave me cramps all day today, and they got to the point tonight where I am in pain right now.

That was a very stupid idea - I should have planned better to just not eat dairy, period. Or simply take my medication. Better luck next time, because right now I am in pain. I'll have to deal with this tomorrow. For now, I'm just going to go to bed very happy as it was a lovely evening at JH's (cheese fondue - which I did NOT touch - and chocolate fondue - on which I binged on). Come to think about it, maybe there was some dairy in the chocolate fondue as well, because my tummy really got in extreme pain right after that. Oh well, who cares. It was a great evening, in my books.

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