Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Different methods of relaxation

For the past two years, I've been super stressed with work, and in particular, have put a lot of pressure on myself to succeed. So, as an important deadline nears (and since I already have the product ready), I am in the extremely rare position of actually enjoying myself without any guilt or pressure.

While I haven't written weekend reviews in a couple of weeks (I should do that one soon), I can't say I haven't had a chance to relax. Went to a movie recently with Nomade Moderne, did dinner with C, B, J and M (sushi), but still had to do a lot of work. But today, as I arrived home from work, I just prepared a pot of English Breakfast tea, took my bag of Chipits (mini-kisses from Hershey's) and just curled on my couch to watch TV.

I ended up (not surprisingly) having a fairly long nap, but the most interesting part of it all is that, despite how much I brag about getting really drunk with lychee martinis, I end up having a much more mellow approach to relaxation. I actually do have some vodka at home (and some Kalhua) and I didn't even want to make myself a drink.

How do YOU decompress? What is your idea of a relaxing, chill evening?

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