Sunday, February 10, 2008

Blogging for Big Brothers - and bowling too :)

So Rebecca (aka Miss604) is organizing a team of bloggers who will be bowling for Big Brothers. As most of you know, dear readers, I have a tendency to volunteer. I've done a lot of charity work -- literacy campaigns, sex education, meals-on-wheels, etc. Since I became a blogger (and again, thanks to the positive influence of Rebecca), I found yet another avenue to give - the Blogathon. This was one of the most fun things I have done for charity.

Must confess that I was deciding whether I should Bowl for Big Brothers, and I factored a number of elements in my decision. First, it's a charity and an important one. Second, it would give me a chance to have fun with my fellow bloggers, hang out and do a good deed. Third, it is important for a dear friend of mine (the event itself, Bowling for Big Brothers). And fourth, although I am definitely busy, I'm not as crazy busy as I've been in the past couple of years.

Well, I did it. I signed on. I'm not 100% sure that my page is correct, so I can't link you to my "Sponsor Raul" page right now, but I'll get to it. The first thing (and most important thing) is that I signed up :)

I was considering the possibility of raising funds through carefully written posts. Yeah, kind of what I did for Blogathon. My individual goal is $ 100, so let's say that I wanted you all to contribute. So I'd basically do a 24 hour Blogathon to raise the funds, and I'd be asking people to say, give $ 0.50 (fifty cents) per blog post (so if I did 48, that automatically would ensure a $ 24 dollar donation). I'm mulling over how to do this. Suggestions accepted.

I will of course be bugging my close friends to sponsor me, but I also kind of want to 'earn' the sponsorship, particularly if it comes from my readers. I mean, there must be some kind of reward or incentive for you all, right? :) Anyways, suggestions taken for a fun method to raise funds for Bowling for Big Brothers. My individual goal is $ 100.00 but I'd be more than happy to surpass it.

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