Sunday, February 03, 2008

Why the pause, you ask? Well, here is why.

I know I haven't blogged anything substantial since Wednesday's Vancouver Blogger Meetup, but you'll agree with me that liveblogging can make you really tired. Besides, I really have had a lot of work on my day job, so that's prevented me from doing anything substantial.

But these two are just excuses. The truth is that this February the 1st was the 9th anniversary of the passing away of one of the persons I loved the most in the world, my aunt. She was pretty much my second mother. I can't believe she has been gone for almost a decade. I have noticed in my own behaviour through the years (after my aunt passed away) that I can't really do much or think much around Feb 1st.

I think that sort of mental block applies to everything, including my blog. However, since I have an urgent deadline for Monday, I have had to work really hard even through this past Feb 1st and thus haven't really had the time to reflect or rest. Once this deadline is over, I'll be able to focus more on other stuff, including blogging.

At any rate, I hope to be back to my regular blog update as of today.


Amanda Nicole said...

I feel ya, Raul. I get all loco around the anniversary of my father's death, and although it's been almost 15 years, I never figure out why I'm feeling and behaving that way until later. I think our biological clocks have a different kind memory than our minds, and we tend to ignore it too often. Here's to living life, and regular blog posts!

Raul said...

Thanks so much for your kind support, Amanda Nicole. It's true, my body seems to reject anything related to activities when it's around my auntie's anniversary.