Monday, April 16, 2007

Most butchered karaoke song - Love Shack by the B-52's

I love karaoke. Singing is not my forte but I try my best. However, I've discovered that there is a whole world out there filled with people who are intent on butchering one of the best songs I've heard in my entire life - Love Shack by the B-52's. I am happy to report I am not one of those!

Funky, upbeat, exhilarating and filled with energy, this song is also apparently in the repertoire of hundreds of singer-wannabes. I dare you to go online on YouTube and find a good karaoke version.

For those of you who actually enjoy listening to the original one, instead of suffering through the myriad samples of horrid interpretations, here is a video link. This is from their 2000 induction to the Georgia Music Hall of Fame.

-- update - I take that back. I found a version a capella that is actually worth listening to. You can find it on YouTube using the keywords "Love Shack".

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Marcela said...

This is such a fun song!